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Workers' Compensation

Get the Medical and Wage Replacement Workers’ Compensation You Deserve

Our Law Firm Can Help You File a Workers Compensation Claim Anywhere in West Virginia

Have you been injured on the job? You may be eligible for compensation through your employer. To get the most out of your workers' compensation claim, call Wolfe, White & Associates, a law firm serving Logan and Chapmanville, WV. Our employment law attorneys have experience fighting for workers just like you. Get in touch with us now to fight for the best possible result in your case.

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Injured at Work?

You May Be Entitled to Benefits and Wages Even if You Were at Fault

Did you know that you’re entitled to compensation even if you’re at fault during a workplace incident? Your employer and their insurance company might not be on your side, so it’s important to hire a workers compensation lawyer who will be. The folks at Wolfe, White & Associates take pride in representing blue-collar workers from all backgrounds.

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