Injury cases can be complex! You may feel compelled to try to settle your claim yourself.

Injury cases can be complex! You may feel compelled to try to settle your claim yourself.

If you've tried, but are not getting anywhere, then hiring the right attorney for your car accident case is EVERYTHING.

- Car wrecks
- Truck wrecks
- Slippery surface falls
- Wrongful death
- Medical Negligence
- Industrial accidents
- Coal mine accidents
- Funeral home negligence / Accidents
- State & County government actor's negligence

There are so many uncertainties ahead of you now that you have been injured. If you have suffered injuries from an auto accident, the complexities of billing, insurance and payments after you leave the ER can be confusing and frustrating. Should you report the accident to your own insurer even though the other driver was at fault? Are your physicians refusing to take your health insurance and requiring that you use your medpay first? What about subrogation and repaying the medical bills if I recover from the negligent party? The officer cited you as well but you believe he was wrong to do so.

Without the proper legal counsel, you could end up having to pay for your follow up care yourself.

If you are having trouble paying your medical bills after your auto accident, call the Wolfe, White & Associates. We’ll help you navigate the insurance provider difficulties to make sure you come out the other end with the results and the compensation you deserve.

Get answers!

If you have been injured in a car wreck or auto accident or any other situation due to carelessness of someone else, you deserve answers. Call us! Even if you aren't ready to hire an attorney, we'll be glad to help you by answering your questions. We believe in transparency and are more than willing to help you try to settle your case yourself. We believe that our expertise in dealing with these exact cases day-in and day-out is a significant benefit for our clients, but not every case is ready for an attorney.

Balancing your injury with claims and bills can be overwhelming, so when you're ready for answers, let us assist you through the process.
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