Do You Need Strong Support for Your Family Case?

Do You Need Strong Support for Your Family Case?

Consult our Logan, West Virginia family law attorneys

Are you planning to:

File for divorce?
Negotiate property distribution during your divorce?
Make a modification to your child custody arrangement?

Wolfe, White & Associates can help you. Our Logan, WV attorneys are proven, reliable authorities on family law issues. They can offer you smart counsel, represent you in the courtroom and file paperwork on your behalf. You’ll be in good hands when you work with our seasoned team.

Our Logan, WV lawyers will safeguard your rights

Often times, litigation or legal negotiations related to families require a great deal of mental and emotional energy for all the parties involved. Fortunately, our attorneys understand that challenge – and they’ll do everything they can to streamline the process for you.

No matter your legal situation, you can trust Wolfe, White & Associates. Call us at 304-752-7715 to schedule your free initial consultation with our experienced divorce lawyers in Logan, West Virginia.