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Kids Dancing In the Streets = Jail Bird Blues

Be careful the next time you make your child prodigy (Little Johnny) perform his jazz flute solo in the local music hall, festival, or even the next homecoming parade, as you may be in violation of the W.Va. Code 61-8-25. Take a look for ...

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How can the officer search me without a warrant?

The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and West Virginia Constitution Article III, Section 6, prohibit unreasonable search and seizures by the government against private citizens, without a proper judicial warrant. The West Virginia common ...

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Keep Your Past From Jeopardizing Your Future By Getting An Expungement!

If you can relate to the new hit show Orange Is The New Black, CSI, Law & Order, or Cops, then you need to know about expungements. In West Virginia, there exists a process that allows those individuals that have been convicted of a ...

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