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When Life Hands You Lemons--- Know the WV Lemon Law

Oct. 8, 2014

Have you heard the term "Lemon Law?" It is likely that you have. However, are you clear on exactly what is covered and addressed under this law? In West Virginia, the "Lemon Law" is contained in the West Virginia Code, in the section of "Consumer Protection- New Motor Vehicle Warranties." You can read the full text of the code here. To sum it up, this law only applies to motor vehicles, and cannot be extended to boats or marine vessels. Motor vehicles include pickup trucks and vans. It is vital to know your rights as a consumer under this law because it is up to you to evoke them. A customer who feels a new motor vehicle does not conform to standards can report this to the manufacturer. At this time, the manufacturer must repair the defects, or replace the vehicle. You can read more about the obligations of the manufacturer here. The statute of limitations on the "Lemon Law" is one year, so it is important to act in a timely manner if you wish to utilize the protection provided under this law. The first step is to meet with an attorney and discuss your case.

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