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Whistle-Blower Claims

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Do you want to come clean about your employer’s fraud, abuse or other illegal acts? Doing the right thing can lead to retaliation and even termination. However, the law states that no employer may discharge, threaten or otherwise discriminate or retaliate against an employee by changing:

  • Compensation

  • Terms

  • Conditions

  • Location or privileges of employment

If you’re experiencing such retaliation, a whistleblower claims lawyer at Wolfe, White & Associates can help you through the process of protecting your rights.

Punished For Doing The Right Thing?

We’ll Fight Aggressively Against Career Damage or Job Loss Retaliation

If you want to report an ongoing or widespread fraud you witnessed within your workplace, you need to be sure that you possess enough information to build a solid case. Contact Wolfe, White & Associates today and we’ll:

  • Protect your rights while investing the case

  • Make sure the issues you brought to light receive appropriate attention

  • Fight to obtain just compensation for you

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