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Whistleblower Claims Under W.Va. Code 6C-1-1 et seq.

Whistleblowers are employees who bring to the attention of their employer or to the proper authorities allegations of fraud, abuse, other illegal conduct or waste on the part of an employer. West Virginia law offers protection to public employees from retaliation by their employer pursuant to WVa Code 6C-1-1 Et. Seq. Retaliatory measures against whistleblowers […]

I Think My Car Is A Lemon. Now What? West Virginia’s Lemon Law Reviewed

As part of our consumer practice, we often take calls about defective motor vehicles. Most people refer to their cars as lemons. But what does West Virginia’s lemon law say about defective motor vehicles and when are they actually “lemons” under the law? West Virginia Code 46A-6A-1 et seq. is the applicable state law section(s) […]

Three Common Questions After A Car Or Truck Wreck

Car and truck wrecks can be life altering events. If you have been in a car wreck, you may be entitled to receive compensation for the injuries and lost wages that the negligent driver caused you. Here are three common questions we get from car wreck victims: 1) I was hit from behind and didn’t […]

Supreme Court Upholds Housing Discrimination Protections

On June 25, 2015, The Supreme Court ruled that housing policies and practices with discriminatory outcomes can be challenged under the Fair Housing Act, even when there is no intent to discriminate. The key issue in the case was the validity of the cause of action known as disparate impact under the Fair Housing Act […]

Worker’s Compensation Discrimination. What is it?

West Virginia’s workers and employers participate in a statutorily mandated insurance program that provides immunity from civil lawsuits (in most cases) where workplace accidents occur, regardless of the fault of the worker or employer. This is known generally as “Worker’s Compensation” or “worker’s comp” and found in Chapter 23 of the West Virginia Code. In […]

Employed At Will? What That Can Mean for Your Rights Against Termination

West Virginia at-will employees have some limited protection from being wrongfully terminated by their employer. Aside from the West Virginia Code 6C-1-1 et seq. also known as the “whistle-blower law” passed by our state legislature, employer’s rights to terminate at-will employees are tempered when their termination violates some substantial public policy. Many employees will find themselves in positions […]

Keep Your Past From Jeopardizing Your Future By Getting An Expungement!

If you can relate to the new hit show Orange Is The New Black, CSI, Law & Order, or Cops, then you need to know about expungements. In West Virginia, there exists a process that allows those individuals that have been convicted of a range of misdemeanors to seal and remove their arrests/convictions from their criminal record. […]

Have Debt? That doesn’t mean you deserve abuse.

Feeling stressed over money issues? Behind on your bills?  None of that means that you deserve to be subjected to abuse.  Debt collectors must abide by certain rules and regulations when attempting to collect money.  However, not all play fair, and it helps to know your rights.  The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, known as […]