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Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Have you ever received annoying and persistent calls from credit collection agencies about certain debts that you may or may not owe or that you are trying to pay off? You do have rights when it comes to how these creditors and collection agencies operate. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), found under 15 […]

Personal Injury and Car Wreck Settlements Sometimes Require Subrogation or Repayment to Your Health Insurer

If you or a loved one were injured (or worse) in a personal injury case, wrongful death case, or car wreck case and have negotiated a settlement, you may be surprised when your health care or med-pay insurer sends you a notice that they are demanding reimbursement or repayment for the medical expenses they paid […]

Truck Wreck or Car Wreck–Do I Even Need an Attorney?

Negotiating a settlement for an injury you received in a motor vehicle accident or car wreck seems easy enough on the surface. After all, someone ran a red light and t-boned your car, breaking some of your ribs and causing you severe neck and back pain. All you have to do is call the liable […]

Supreme Court Upholds Housing Discrimination Protections

On June 25, 2015, The Supreme Court ruled that housing policies and practices with discriminatory outcomes can be challenged under the Fair Housing Act, even when there is no intent to discriminate. The key issue in the case was the validity of the cause of action known as disparate impact under the Fair Housing Act […]

Constitutional Carry: What West Virginia’s Need to Know

Earlier this year, much ado was made about House Bill 4145 in the West Virginia Legislature that would make it legal to carry a handgun, either openly or concealed, without a government permit. Supporters of the bill saw it as an exercise of their Second Amendment rights, while detractors saw the bill as dangerous step […]

A Big Win For Consumers! Campbell-Ewald v. Gomez, Opinion No. 14-857

With Justice Ginsberg delivering the Opinion, consumers walk away with a decisive victory. For those that practice class actions, you have probably fell victim to or at a minimum had to brief the pants off of the Defenses “pick-off” move. In an effort not to oversimplify the “pick-off” move, it is basically occurs before the class […]

Keep Your Past From Jeopardizing Your Future By Getting An Expungement!

If you can relate to the new hit show Orange Is The New Black, CSI, Law & Order, or Cops, then you need to know about expungements. In West Virginia, there exists a process that allows those individuals that have been convicted of a range of misdemeanors to seal and remove their arrests/convictions from their criminal record. […]

Have Debt? That doesn’t mean you deserve abuse.

Feeling stressed over money issues? Behind on your bills?  None of that means that you deserve to be subjected to abuse.  Debt collectors must abide by certain rules and regulations when attempting to collect money.  However, not all play fair, and it helps to know your rights.  The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, known as […]

When Life Hands You Lemons— Know the WV Lemon Law

Have you heard the term “Lemon Law?”  It is likely that you have.  However, are you clear on exactly what is covered and addressed under this law?  In West Virginia, the “Lemon Law” is contained in the West Virginia Code, in the section of “Consumer Protection- New Motor Vehicle Warranties.”  You can read the full […]

DUIs- What you don’t know can cost you

DUIs are sometimes considered a secretive or shameful matter, but that doesn’t need to be the case.  DUI are an area of law, and they deserve representation and fair assessment as much as an other matter.  In fact, there are specific legal issues relevant to DUIs that you need to be aware of.  DUI Blog […]