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The Importance of Having a Last Will and Testament

Most people have heard that they should have a Will drawn up once they have children, are planning on a trip abroad or facing a serious surgical procedure. But any adult should have one since putting it off can be too late. Accidents or unforeseen events happen everyday and believe it or not, you are

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Pokemon GO? Whoa, whoa, whoa…

Recently, a new phenomenon has taken hold worldwide—so much so that Steven and I found ourselves discussing the implications of a game that was played on telephones, which neither one of us had ever played, and which we had both heard no buzz about prior to its release.  Neither one of us knew any specifics

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When Life Hands You Lemons— Know the WV Lemon Law

Have you heard the term “Lemon Law?”  It is likely that you have.  However, are you clear on exactly what is covered and addressed under this law?  In West Virginia, the “Lemon Law” is contained in the West Virginia Code, in the section of “Consumer Protection- New Motor Vehicle Warranties.”  You can read the full

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